Laying the Foundations for a Successful Tomorrow

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Helping Muslims learn and build a strong foundation in their faith.

Welcome to Establised in February 2010 and based in the UK, our aim is to cultivate the future generation of Muslims upon Islam. We stock highly beneficial Islamic books that aim to help your child's understanding grow from a primary level, all the way up to the teenage years.

Our material is not only educational but also stimulating and fun. Whether it's strengthening understanding of Allah's Lordship through stories about Allah's creation, or building their character and mannerisms through stories of the Prophets, your child will develop their knowledge step-by-step through a structured learning process.

The unique Islamic Studies series is an entire curriculum for parents wanting to give their children the best Islamic education. The sets of books are broken down into bite-size chunks according to your child's age group. Feel free to browse our website and products and help give your child the best start in life.

EducatingMuslims was established with the primary focus of providing structured education for young people. Our company hopes to become a UK leader in Islamic Education, providing the best resources available to help children of all ages learn at their own pace and in their own way.

In a knowledge-powered world, we believe that it is imperative to provide an opportunity for people to learn and gain a strong foundation of the Religion of Islam.