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Testimonials for our Islamic Studies and Learn Arabic Series

The following are a few testimonials by customers who have purchased the books and/or implemented the curriculum within homes, schools and other learning establishments:

"I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw these books. They were colourful and child friendly. I especially liked the games and activities in the book as I firmly believe that children learn best through having fun and playing. As my three children are various ages I was able to give them all something from the books that they could follow and understand. The best thing about these books is that it is all authentic I have been waiting a long time for something like this. I definitely recommend these books to everyone. A big thumbs up from me!!" Rashida, Parent

"I have been waiting for a comprehensive curriculum for Islamic Studies for years. There is just nothing like his on the market."
Umm Ayesha, Teacher

"A very well structured, child friendly set of books. Easy to use in the home. The best thing about the series is that it covers all aspects of the Islamic belief in detail."
Kiran bint Ahsan, Islamic Studies Teacher

"Excellent series of books, exactly what is needed in today's climate. I would recommend these books to everyone without hesitation."
Abu Yusuf, Homeschooler

"We took some of the content of the books and used it in our summer school for 5-8 year old children. It was an absolute success with happy parents, happy teachers, and best of all, happy children. We are sure to use these books in our Summer School."
Mohammad, Teacher

"Having used these books recently at a summer school, they contain activities that are not only inspiring and stimulating for students, but also for teachers! Planning and assessment is also made that much easier."
Ashfaq, Teacher

"SubhanAllah, what an excellent series of books! There is much content that we as parents never learnt until we were much older. An excellent source of learning for all the family."
Mohsin, Parent

"I took one look at these books and I instantly knew I had found the perfect resource to assist us in teaching our three children. Each lesson is excellently structured, with clear learning outcomes and hence very easy and enjoyable to teach. We have found these books invaluable in giving our children a great foundation upon which they are building on weekly. JazakAllaahukhair to the team at EducatingMuslims for bringing such an excellent and much needed Islamic resource for parents & teachers to the UK market."
Abu Ibraaheem, University Lecturer